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Big Mtn Free Ride

Regular Season 2011-12
2011-12 x Regular Season
Milan Peyrin Freestyle Salomon Jib Academy

Milan Peyrin Freestyle - Salomon Jib Academy

Program Director's Welcome

Hi All,
I just wanted to send a quick thank-you to everyone for registering your athlete(s) for one of our OVWSF programs for 2012-13. I'm now entering my third season as Program Director and I continue to be motivated and focused on making each of our programs a positive and enjoyable experience for each young athlete.  Our philosophy as a staff is simply to provide the environment and the tools for each athlete to reach their potential and achieve their goal no matter what that goal is. It can be as simple as becoming a better all around skier or as complex as competing on the world stage in their sport.   We will continue to strive to improve our delivery in all aspects of what we do.  So with that, I have a few items I'd like you to all read.

1.  If you are new to the program or haven't already done so please register with our Team's Text messaging service called "RainedOut". This is where you'll get immediate information on schedule changes or weather issues for your specific program in the form of a text message.  If for some reason a training session or a race is cancelled you'll receive details directly from the coach through this system. Please take a minute to register now at

2. We just came off a very successful Ski Swap this past weekend. This is one of our key fundraising events of the year.  All of our fundraisers are used to help off set the costs to our members for  equipment such as vans, training aids, gates, radios, safety equipment, coach training and much more.  Our sport is wonderful and unique in many ways but it is also quite expensive to operate in a safe and effective manner. We require quality equipment in order to provide our members with quality programs. This is also why our fundraising efforts are so important, they provide us the tools we need while keeping our costs in line for our membership.  So I encourage each and everyone of you to come to our Winter Welcome Event on Nov 9th.  It is great social event with some amazing live and silent auction items. We will have a short program including Spencer Eccles of the Governor's Office of Economic Development as our guest speaker.  Please see the information and invitation below and feel free to invite a friend or business colleague to what will be a very fun evening supporting youth winter sports programs in Northern Utah. You can sign up on line at

3. Finally, we are still looking for quality auction items. If you can help secure some items that would be great.  Things that sell well include bigger ticket items such as condo stays or smaller items like handcrafted jewelry, quality sporting goods and household decor items.  Theme baskets are also popular.  Our biggest silent auction item last year was a gun safe. Rachel will help with donation follow up and pick up. Attached is an auction donation form.  Please contact Rachel Miller once you have lined up an item or need help doing so.  her email is

We're all looking forward to a great winter. In fact for some of our older athletes it starts this week with a fall training camp in Copper Mt CO. Please keep your eyes open for more informative emails regarding season pass purchases at Wolf and Snowbasin as well as other important dates. It is important that you read all emails from Ogden Valley Winter Sports Foundation, Ogden Valley Ski Team, Jen Leininger, Gordon Perry and when you are assigned a coach,  emails from that coach.  Our sport is dynamic in nature and schedules often change due to weather and snow conditions both here locally and when we travel to other resorts for events. So please make sure our emails get through to you. Thanks for your time.

If you have any questions of concerns please don't hesitate to contact me.

Kind Regards,


Gordon Perry
Program Director
Ogden Valley Winter Sports Foundation

Big Mountain Free Skier Program


Big Mountain Free Skier Program

The Snowbasin Free Skier Team is a program that encompasses off trail free skiing, a little slope style and a little half pipe all in a fun and safe learning environment. This will be the second year of the Snowbasin Free Skier Team. The program is designed around teaching strong fundamental skiing skills in a group setting combined with focus on all mountain ( off-piste) skiing, half pipe, avalanche awareness, skier safety and having fun on the mountain.

Please contact Jen Leininger (801.589.6869) or Gordon Perry  for more details



OV Freeride Competition Team

The OV Freeride Team is a development and competitive program that encompasses slopestyle, halfpipe, and off trail freeride skiing. Freeride skiing is the fastest growing discipline within the ski industry. Freeride programs are popping up all over North America and have become the alternative to racing and freestyle. 

Coaching staff will be headed up by AxisFree Ride Mike Campbell and supported by other Axis Freeride coaches out of Park City UT. 

Athletes will train and have the opportunity to compete in all three aspects of Freeride skiing. The development side of the program will focus on strong skiing fundamentals that will help develop the basis for competition. Other focuses include jumping, avalanche safety, and a top priority of having fun!!! Athletes need to be a strong intermediate skier and be able to ski all of the terrain at Snowbasin. The program begins mid December and runs until mid March and includes a Christmas camp.  Fall dryland is available to all athletes and highly encouraged!

Please contact Jen Leininger or Gordon  for more details

Snowbasin FreeSkier Program - The FreeRide Experience

 FreeRide may seem like a new term to many people but it has been around for a long time. Back in the 20’s when alpine skiing was on the verge of being perfected, the pioneers had no idea how the sport would evolve into what it is today. Even I never expected the sport to grow as much as it did. Rocker technology and fat waist skis are allowing more and more access to what was untouchable terrain in the backcountry. With the equipment advances and growing popularity, comes the increasing risk factor.  The need for proper backcountry/big mountain training and safety instruction is growing considerably. Being able to read and scope big mountain lines is an asset for any future big mountain skier.

 Warren Miller gave a great example of the ability of the average freerider today when he compared him to one of the “pros” thirty years ago. He showed the pro performing a simple double back flip with a twist. That pro was close to 20 feet in the air and sailed a distance of about 20 feet. That was the hot maneuver to win medals back then. He then panned to a young skier pulling a 900 degree off axis rotation with a tail grab and landing backwards. This kid was about fifteen or twenty feet in the air and traveled about sixty feet in distance. These days that same kid takes what he/she learned in the park and moves it to the backcountry. Dropping a 10 foot cliff will seem easy, but they will do it backwards. So, yeah… the sport has evolved since the 20’s. And will continue to evolve with the creativity of today’s youth.


                The goals of this program are limited only by the determination and talent of the student. Each athlete will set a set of goals early in the season. From time to time the goals will be reviewed and special attention will be given for the student to obtain those goals. Once a goal is achieved, a new goal is set and so on. The coach’s goals are to see the athlete evolve over the course of the season and to have all the students end the season injury free.


                Of course safety is a major concern. With spanning a 60 foot gap jump 20 feet in the air, dropping blindly off a cornice or even learning to slide a feature 12 inches off the ground comes some risks. Students will be taken out of their comfort zone ever so slightly, but never pushed beyond their limits. Avalanche safety and beacon, Burton Smart Style, and general safety will be a constant topic. Beacon use and avalanche rescue training will be covered early on in the season with the Snowbasin Ski Patrol.


                Until recently freeskiers needed a handful of different skis to handle the varying conditions and . You probably heard of “twin tip”, “rockered”, “powder”, and “park” skis. There are finally skis that combine all of the great technology available today. Hybrid skis are great for a one ski quiver. No need for 4 pairs of skis anymore. They have camber under foot for groomers and crud. Early rise or rocker in the tip and tail to keep you afloat in powder. And of course twin tips for skiing and landing backward. Not so fat hybrids are also very good in the terrain park and halfpipe. One good set of hybrids is recommended. Body armor is also a good idea and a helmet is required. If you need advice on any of the gear listed feel free to contact us to discuss. Avalanche beacons are not required but their usage will be discussed. Beacons are always recommended as we will be skiing in steep terrain.

Private coaching is also available with a reservation.

 The typical day runs from 9am to 3pm with a one hour lunch from 11:30 to 12:30. We will meet on each scheduled day at 8:45 at the base of the John Paul lift. At 9:00 we will head out. At 11:30 we will meet once again at the base of John Paul for lunch. At this time you can meet with your child for lunch or they can go off and eat by themselves. If you would like a coach to eat with your child, please inform us and arrangements can be made. At 12:30 we will meet again and head out for the rest of the day. At 3:00 we will finish at the base of John Paul. You can pick up your child or they will be free to go on their own.

In the event of an injury, the student will be treated as if any other visitor to Snowbasin. Parents will be notified as soon as possible on his/her status and location.

General Outline

  • Smart Style. Thoroughly teach the concept of terrain park safety and etiquette.
    • Make a Plan

o   Look before you leap

o   Easy style it

o   Respect gets respect

  • Basic skiing skills. Asses and correct students current skiing skills.
    • Parallel skiing
    • Stance
    • Range of motion
    • Rotation
    • Flexion/extension
  • Intro to Switch. Teach student the fundamentals of skiing backwards.
    • Stance
    • Benefits of skiing backwards
  • Air Awareness. Teach student all aspects of catching air with ATML method.
    • Approach
    • Takeoff
    • Maneuver
    • Landing
  • Rails and Boxes. Teach the basics of tackling terrain park features.          
    • Flat boxes and rails
    • ATML method
  • Halfpipe. Teach entry level tactics of the pipe.
    • Start mound
    • Deck
    • Lip
    • Vert
    • Tranny
    • Walls
    • Exit area
  • Backcountry/Big Mountain. Teach what all it has to offer.
    • Powder
    • Reading terrain
    • Cliffs
    • Natural terrain
    • Freestyle in the BC
    • Avalanche safety and beacon use
    • Avalanche rescue techniques
    • Trees
    • Switch powder skiing
  • Teambuilding.
    • Life skills
    • Friendship

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Big Mtn Free Skier Calendar

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